1756 McElhatten and Linwood Drive
1757 McElhatten And Hemlock Drive
1758 McElhatten and Youngdale Road
1773 East Main Street and Race Street
1774 East Main and Grant Street
1775 East Main and Hanna Street
1776 East Main and Washington Street
1802 Bellefonte Ave and Irwin Street
1812 Bellefonte Ave and Allison Street
1813 High Street and Sturdevant Street
1814 High Street and Bressler Street
1817 Hogan Blvd and Draketown Road
1818 Hogan Blvd and Mill House Plaza
1819 Lock Haven Super Walmart
1821 Hogan Blvd and 1st Citizens Bank
1822 Hogan Blvd and Draketown Road
1823 High Street and Canal Street
1824 High Street and Huston Street
1839 Bellefonte Ave and S. Jones Street
1840 Bellefonte Ave and Commerce
1841 Bellefonte Ave and Park Street
1842 Bellefonte Ave and Church Street
1845 Church Street and Grove Street
1846 Church Street and Paulmack Blvd
1866 E. Bald Eagle Street and N. Hanna Street
1867 E. Bald Eagle Street and N.Washington St
1868 E. Bald Eagle and N.Henderson
1869 E. Bald Eagle Street & N.Pine Street
1870 E. Bald Eagle and N.Grove Street
1872 Vesper Street and E.Clinton Street
1873 Vesper Street and Walnut Street
1874 Vesper Street and CC Office of Aging
1876 Vesper Street and Clinton Street
1877 Vesper Street and E. Bald Eagle
1878 Vesper Street and E.Church Street
1879 Vesper Street and E.Main Street
1883 West Main and 4th Street
1884 West Main and 5th Street
1885 West Main and 6th Street
1886 Water Street and W.Church Street
1887 N. Fairview Street and Stevenson Build
1888 N.Fairview Street and Glenn Street
1889 N.Fairview and John Sloan Building
1890 N.Fairview Street and Fairview Suites
1891 N.Fairview and Lock Haven Sign
1892 N. Fairview Street and W.4th Street
1893 N.Fairview Street and Center Street
1894 N.Fairview Street and Bellefonte Ave
1910 Church Street and Liberty Street
1911 Church Street and Vesper Street
1918 Jersey Shore Weis
1919 Bellefonte and 2nd
1920 Bellefont and Pearl
1921 Bellefonte and Summit
1922 High Street and Bressler Street
1923 High Street and Sturdevant Street
1924 Bellefonte Ave and Fredrick Street
1926 Bellefonte and Allison
1929 Grove Street and Walnut Street
1930 Church Street and Locust Street
1931 Church Street and Washington Street
1932 Church Street and Hanna Street
1933 Church Street and Grant Street
1935 Woodward Ave and Alleghany Street
1936 Woodward Ave and Richey Street
1937 Woodward Ave and Guardlock1
1938 Woodward Ave and Fargus
1939 Woodward Street and Guardlock 2
1940 Woodward Street and McElhatten Drive
1945 Youngdale Rd and Bald Eagle Court
1946 UMPC Main Entrance
1965 McElhattan & Old Bridge SB
1971 Bellefonte & Summit
1974 Walnut St and Vesper St
1978 Church St & Sherman St
1979 County Piper Bldg
1980 Bald Eagle St & Grant St
1981 Bellefonte Ave & Highland St