6 Divine Providence Hospital
62 Trade. and Transit Centre
263 Grampian. Blvd. at Medical Building
270 Almond St. at Woodland Ave.
290 Market St. at Little. League. Blvd.
292 Chestnut St. at Shaw/Grampian. Blvd.
293 Almond St. at Grampian. Blvd.
295 Almond St. at Logue. St. Gramp Blvd.
297 Almond St. at LoguE. St.
298 Almond St. at LoguE. St.
299 Market St. at 4th St.
300 Almond St. at Ellinger St.
301 Almond St. at Ellinger St.
302 William St. at Willow St.
303 W. 4th St. at Pine. St.
304 E. 4th St. at Mulberry St.
305 E. 4th St. at Academy St.
306 Franklin. St. at E. 4th St.
307 Franklin. St. at Ross. St.
308 Eldred St. at Franklin. St.
309 Eldred St. at Mary St.
310 PenN. St. at Eldred St.
311 Sheridan. St. at Penn. St.
312 Sheridan. St. at George. St.
313 Sheridan. St. at Charles. St.
314 Sheridan. St. at Grove. St.
316 Almond St. at Almond St. Commons
318 Almond St. at Lincoln. Ave.
320 Chestnut St. at Grampian. Blvd.
322 ShawPlace. at Chestnut St.
323 Sherman. St. and Shaw Place
325 Warren. Ave. at Sheridan. St.
326 Warren Ave. at Miller St.
327 Warren. Ave. at Richey St.
328 Warren. Ave. at Elliot St.
329 Warren. Ave. at Grampian. Blvd.
330 Leader Dr. at Four Mile. Dr.
331 Four Mile. between. Warren. Leader Dr.
337 Almond St. at Grampian. Blvd.
344 Lincoln. Ave. at Almond St.
345 Lincoln. Ave. at Grove. St.
346 Lincoln. Ave. at Whitman. St.
348 Lincoln. Ave. at Penn. St.
349 Lincoln. Ave. at Watson. St.
350 Lincoln. Ave. at Florence. St.
351 Lincoln. Ave. at Franklin. St.
352 Franklin. St. at Woodland Ave.
353 Franklin. St. at Union. Ave.
354 Franklin. St. at Jerome. Ave.
355 Franklin. St. at Eldred St.
356 Franklin. St. at Lyons. Ave.
357 Franklin. St. at Lyons. Ave.
358 Franklin. St. at Adams. St.
359 Franklin. St. at Adams. St.
360 Franklin. St. at Hughes. St.
361 Franklin. St. at Hughes. St.
362 Franklin. St. at Washington. Blvd.
363 Washington. Blvd and Franklin. St.
365 Washington. Blvd. at Mulberry St.
367 Packer St. at Washington. Blvd.
368 Packer St. Ross. St.
369 Packer St. at Bennett St.
372 ManorCare Health Services
375 Sherman. St. betw Sheridan. ShawPl
549 Sheridan St. & Catherine St.
551 Sheridan St. & Sherman St.
575 Washington Ave. & Elizabeth St.
1156 Grampian Blvd. & Chestnut St.
1166 Grampian Blvd. & Warren Ave.
1202 Warren Ave. & Four Mile Dr.
1270 Manor Care S.
1666 Almond & Sheridan EE